Whoa, mama!

Oh, man – there’s a new Payne coming to town. Nat and I have been talking for a while now about starting a family and the time finally came for it. We’ve been married *almost* ten years now and decided that it was time to introduce a new Payne to the world! Look out!

The fact is, I think most people had given up on us being parents. It’s not something we talked about with anyone and pretty much gave the same canned answer of “Maybe someday. We’re not sure,” to everyone that asked the question, “Are you guys ever going to have kids?” Truth is, if I had a nickel for every time we’ve been asked that over the past ten years, I’d have a serious savings account stashed away for the litte bugger. It’s been so much fun telling people the news over the past few weeks. I love seeing people’s reactions. It has pretty much blown us away how supportive people have been to us. Not that I didn’t think people would be happy for us, but it’s seriously touching to see how supportive everyone have been. To those that we’ve already told – thank you so much for your support and well wishes. It’s meant more than you know.

So now we’ve started our journey into parenthood headlong. We’re both scared out of our minds, but it’s been comforting to hear other parents say that they felt the same way when they had children. At this point it doesn’t feel all that real (says the man without another human being living inside him). I just know that my wife doesn’t feel good most of the time right now, and she has an appetite that never goes away (Love you, Nat :)).

We’re jumping into a world of things that both of us know nothing about. The only thing I take comfort in is the fact that Nat is just as scared as I am, but we get to do all of this together. I know because of that simple fact, it will be a beautiful experience. WE’RE GONNA BE PARENTS!!!! HOLY COW!!

Here’s to you, little one. Your mom and I can’t wait to meet you.

(Kudos to Frank and Wade for our first bit of baby couture. Hopefully our kid likes bikes as much as me. ;))

Happy, happy Monday.:)



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LeolaK CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE AND JOHN!!! That’s so awesome! Doing things in your own time is always the best way to go..with anything I say! =) Can’t wait to see all the pics you ae going to post of your soon-to-be little one (you know they have to earn their keep some way)! LOL..kidding. Congrats!!!

Birgit Knutsen WHOO HOO!! I am so excited!! Best thing ever!!

tim king that kid’s gonna win the tour de france. awesome post man – you guys are gonna rock as parents. i knew the moment nat told us how much she had packed for the hike. see you in october man!

Erin Oveis Brant That it is an awesome sleeper…your friends have great taste 😉 I think you already know how happy I am for your guys but seriously, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!! You are going to be amazing parents! Just trust that you already have everything the little guy (or girl) needs and that it is supposed to be a scary (and fun!) adventure. You’ll figure it all out together (babies are incredible at aggressively communicating their needs haha). Congratulations! Love you and Nat!!! XOXO

Sean Congrats! Obviously I don’t know you personally, but if what I can see seeping through in your blog posts is any indication, you are going to make a fantastic father! When’s the due date? I’m sure it goes without saying…but photograph everything. The years they are with you fly by so quickly!

kari YEEEESSSSSSSSS! You guys are in for the most rewarding thing that God has ever done for you…. You think when you’re expecting, that you have a semi-intuitive idea what it will be like…. Let me tell you ~ it’s like 1000x better than you can imagine!!!!! Huge Congrats!!!!

P.S. Find her these candies at the health food store that are made out of ginger or you can order ginger suckers for expecting Mamas online… big help :)

danyell Congratulations!! You are going to be awesome!! It is so much fun and scary!! But its all totally worth it!! Congrats!!

Erin Davenport Congratulations!!! That is such exciting news :)

Kimmie Schrupp YAY!! Congratulations!! So awesome, you guys will be GREAT parents!!

christy cropper ok i just got a little bit choked up thinking about how amazing you and nat are going to be at parenthood and how lucky that kid is to have you. also… that kid is going to be awesome. xo!

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