Uno. One more week. That’s not possible. We had our final doctor appointment today and I had an overwhelming urge to jump over and hug our doctor I was so excited. And nervous. And excited. And nervous…

I have to apologize in advance. I know this blog is becoming very baby-centric lately, but that’s me right now. With a little under a week to go, Natalie and I are both grappling with emotions. Honestly, I’m not sure how to categorize the feelings. It’s the strangest feeling I’ve ever had before, and I’m sure for good reason. This is something bigger than anything we’ve ever been through. Both of us are completely on edge and continue to just look at each other, wide-eyed and laughing. What have we gotten ourselves into?? I can only imagine the most amazing adventure of our lives.

We’ve read, we’ve prepared, and we’ve bought all the “essentials.” We’ve done most everything that we could do to get ourselves ready for this. Mentally, we’ll never be completely ready, but I know we’re as far down that road as we can be before this kid arrives. Not knowing the sex has been surprisingly easy, but now as we approach the runway, I am having such trouble wrapping my head around the whole thing. Not having a basis for who this kid is going to be is both wonderful and torturous at the same time. Who is person going to be? What will they be like? Who are they going to look like? Will it have Nat’s curly hair? My eyes?  I’m driving myself crazy sitting and thinking about it!

Soon, we’ll know. We get to watch this tiny person grow up in front of us. One more week to go. For now, we watch the minutes pass, hold our breath, and wait.

Happy Wednesday.


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