The Tour is Back!

July is pretty much the only month of the year that you’ll find me “glued” to the TV. That’s because the Tour de France is on Versus! Cycling is quite literally the only sport that I ever pay attention to. I’ve never really been into watching any other sports. There just isn’t anything that can hold my interest. I’d probably much prefer to catch a cooking show than watch a football game, and who wants to watch basketball when I can catch The Bourne Identity on TNT again? Cycling can hold my attention, though. July is one month of pure bliss.

I think it’s because I can relate. I love to cycle and have been riding for years. I know (on a much, much lesser level) what the men on their bikes are going through. I love to get out on a bike and suffer for a few hours at a time. I’m in a part of the country where I can be riding up a mountain in less than an hour rolling out of my front door. I’ve also been lucky enough to ride in Europe along some of the very roads and climbs that the Tour goes through. There’s something about the suffering up those climbs and along those roads that is good for the soul. I love to watch the guys conquer the hills and listen to Phil and Paul describe the day in their eloquent ways.

In the end, it’s the feeling of freedom that we all felt the moment we got on a bike and were able to explore our little worlds around the neighborhood wherever we grew up. I think that feeling strikes pretty much every time you swing your leg over a bike.

Happy Tour watching!

Taken at the Garmin / Slipstream team camp a couple of years ago. Go Garmin!

Happy Tuesday!


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