Sunday Session – Liz & Mike

Liz and Mike – what an amazing couple! As individuals, they’re awesome – together, they’re  one in a million. We spent the morning strolling around the ranch where they’ll be getting married in May and trying to decide between the hundreds of gorgeous spots to take photos.  They gave every bit of themselves in the photos this weekend and it shows – such a fun couple!

The wind in that area seems to always be kicking this time of year and Sunday was no exception. Poor Liz was fighting back the tears from the wind the whole time. Obviously the wind and chill was no deterrent from them having a great time with each other out there, though.

I finally had to wrap up and let them both leave since I wanted to keep them there all afternoon exploring places to take photos on the ranch. As we got in our cars to head back, I loved that Liz let out a squeal of delight when Mike told her that he’d take her to see Soul Surfer…for the second time. It’s the simple things, really. Young love – it’s the best!

I can’t wait to hang with you guys next month. I know your wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing. We’ll just have to stay upwind from those cows…

Love those boots, Liz – nice touch!

The boots AND attitude – Liz brought it, big time. What a look – nicely done!

Thanks again, you guys! See you next month for the big day!


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Matthew K Fantastic photos. Really love the first one. The looks on their faces and the composition is wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

Ashley Goodwin OOOH! Love the boot shot at the bottom! & the second shot where they are kind of cropped and she is laughing. Great perspective, very natural interaction! Her eyes look BANGIN’ off of the brown wooden wall, too!

Keep workin’ it John! :)

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