Successful Weekend

So this weekend was the big day in more than one way. First off, my lovely and talented wife kicked ass and passed her PMP exam! A big congratulations to her – really, really proud of her. She worked SO hard for it. Next, I shot my first major wedding and pulled through it all in one piece. It was an amazing experience made even better by having one of the J*Jets by my side. Candice Benjamin flew out from LA to rock out Liz and Mike’s wedding with me. I knew her work was spectacular just from seeing it online, but I had never had the pleasure of working with her before. She can be summed up in one word:
pro: (noun)
1. One who supports a proposal or takes the affirmative side in a debate.
2. A professional, especially in sports.
3. Candice Benjamin
Seriously. This girl has mad talent. She was my rock on Sunday and helped out in so many ways that I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for. Plus, she’s just downright FUN. Thank you so much, Candice. Shooting with one of the Jets was such a great experience. Because we were in tune with each other, it worked like a well oiled machine. I felt a little bad for Candice since I asked her a million questions all weekend long. She’s been through it all, though, so I couldn’t help but just keep asking! Thanks, C. You can come to Denver ANYTIME you want! We’ve got your room all ready.
I am¬†feverishly¬†working on the images so I’ll get them out very soon. I’m SO excited to share them. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, with a more beautiful couple, or a more amazing setting. Everything was perfect.
Here’s a shot of Candice and I about to bring it. Photo credit to my wife and her iphone since our gear was packed up and ready to roll.
Have a great day!

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Lindsay Corbett John! This is awesome! So gald that you are doing so well. I am going to send your name and info to everyone I know! I wish you could have shot our wedding….damn…Oh well! Lots of friends getting married…and my dad is retiring in the winter(we are throwing a mega party!) …Might need your services. Congrats! I am thrilled you are doing what you love! :-) Lindsay

Phillip Reid I am beyond stoked that N passed her pimp exam. I always knew she had what it took for that gig.

These folks were lucky to have y’all as their own private paparazzi. Rock on. Look forward to reviewing the evidence.

Dana Palmer I knew it would be a huge success and am glad that “it” was “brought”. Can’t wait to see pics!

Erin Oveis Brant You guys are so badass! Can’t wait to see the pics :) X to the O

Sean Congrats on the amazing weekend! Congrats not only to you for the wedding but also to your wife. It is great that you and Candice got to reunite for an actual wedding! I cannot wait to see the pics! I’m sure you (and Candice) got more amazing shots than you will know what do do with!

Ashley Goodwin YES YES YES YES YES!!!
I can not WAIT to see it! SO glad Candice was there to help, although you totally had that dude! What a GREAT wedding to get started, and I love your fancy suit! can’t wait to see yall, and finally see Nat again since she is done studying!!

Candice Benjamin I had a great time and I’m SO glad I was able to help out! You and Nat are amazing people, and getting on the plane to fly back was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while (yep, more so than shooting a wedding on an hour 1/2 of sleep!) Much <3!

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