Somewhere Over the Atlantic

I wrote this just about two weeks ago before we left for our trip to Europe. We’re back now, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the blog, so I’m going to start here. It’s been a hell of a start to the fall so far…

The past few weeks have been hectic at best, breakneck at its worst. Keeping up has been difficult to do in all aspects of life. It’s been mostly a blur as I run from job to job trying to keep a several balls in the air without them crashing down on me. A growing photography business coupled with a full time day job, plus a few other side projects, and hey, let’s throw in a house remodel too – oh, and did I mention my wife is pregnant? Um, yeah…it’s been enough to keep my mind occupied to say the least. It’s kind of like a really fun carnival ride that I can’t get off of.  It sure is a blast, but sometimes you just want to sit and eat funnel cake. So now, after weeks of running rampant, I finally am getting a chance to rest, albeit briefly.

Now, I sit on a plane, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, in the dark, winging my way to another country with my wife and always growing child by my side. It’s our 10 year anniversary present to ourselves – not to mention our last big trip for a while. (ya’ know – baby and all).  I have been dreaming of this day for several months now. A chance to recharge, relax , and regain myself again.

Nat and I will get a chance to catch up, and reflect on what the last 10 years of our life have been like. It’s an opportunity to explore and dream about the next 10 years and a new chapter in our life.

So here’s to adventure – to having your loved one by your side or exploring your world on your own. Just don’t forget to get out there and live life. Explore and do. See the world.  Go.

Have a great Wednesday,



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Erin Oveis Brant I love you guys. Happy Anniversary! XOXO

Ashley Goodwin I’m tearing up.
You guys are seriously the BEST and what an amazing 10 year anniversary! Eurotrip AND baby! Hope it’s a blast, take time to recharge, then come back into the game swingin’. Then skype me at some point puhleaze. :)
Did she like her gift? :)


Christina That’s fabulous news… enjoy the memories of your past and what’s to come!
Always be true to who you are.

LeolaK Very cool! I was getting worried there…about to send an email. =) Hope you had a great trip and what a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Great advice too! Congrats again!

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