Should be

I should be concentrating hard on a project this week that is on one of the tightest deadlines I’ve ever encountered.

I should be thinking about the upcoming holiday, planning in my head what we’re getting for people and what we’re going to do with the family that’s in town.

I should be planning everything that goes into our baby shower that is coming up.

I should be tending to my wife who is seven months pregnant now.

I should be reading something…like this or at the very least, this.

I should be breaking out the Christmas music and enjoying the beginning of the holiday season as I do every year (I love it so much).

But really all I’m doing this week is trying NOT to think about Norah, who has to go in for surgery to fix her second torn ACL. We’ve had this surgery done on her other leg before, but it still breaks my heart to send her in again. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for her, but for now, I’m just trying not to think of what she has to go through to get there. Maybe I can focus for a second on one of the other things that I should be thinking about…


Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.


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Phillip Reid Not loving that for you at all there my man. Fingers crossed.

Jill Bristow Poor Norah! I’ll be praying that she has an easy recovery!

Tim King Norah is a champion. She’ll be back to 100% in no time, stealthily stealing treats from unexpecting guests and protector of future baby. Good thoughts going towards you guys & Norah!

LeolaK Sending good thoughts and prayers Norah’s way. Hoping for a speedy recovery…for all of you. =)

Ashley Goodwin I hope she’s doing great now! LOVE NORAH! xo

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