I read something that hit home this week.  One of my favorite bloggers was talking about the need to slow down, be patient, and just be here.  Just be here?? WHAT? “Yeah, but I’ve got stuff to DO!” I can hear myself yelling inside my own head. “Slow down? Are you CRAZY? There’s so much you need to do. C’mon!” Then I quickly enter panic mode and run into the frantic state of  -theressomuchtodandIdontknowwheretostart. Yikes. This has got to stop.

I realized over Christmas that I’ve over extended myself in so many ways.  Not just a little bit in one aspect of life. Pretty much everywhere.  Most of the time I wouldn’t really even notice this, but I’ve got a b-a-b-y on the way now and I want to enjoy this time in our lives. I’ve not taken enough time to really enjoy this time with my wife. Maybe burning the candle at both ends has been my way of shifting my nervous energy to anything that takes my mind off our overwhelming life change, or maybe I just can’t sit still – I’m not really sure. I do know that my wife has commented on the fact that my “eyes look really tired lately.” Hmm. Maybe it’s time to slow down a wee bit, ya’ think?

Over the New Year holiday. Natalie and I had a chance to sit and talk – I mean really talk. We talked about the year in review for us, the future, our goals for the coming year, and most importantly, about our upcoming adventure with the baby. Man, it felt great to just BE THERE and talk about everything that was on our minds. I mean, it’s not like we don’t ever talk, but life has been getting in the way lately. I think we’ve both been more focused on the tasks laid out immediately before us – the seemingly urgent ones, like “I have to organize everything RIGHT NOW”- and not what’s really important.

So in the coming weeks, I’m going to make a whole hearted effort to slow down and try to scale back the amount that I’m doing in my life in the near future. Trust me, that’s not an easy task. It will be one that I have to work hard to do, but I really want to enjoy these last few precious weeks of us before it becomes + one.  I also want to be present as we both turn our attention toward our new, changing life.

If, like me, you’ve been too caught up in the daily grind to focus on what’s important, take a breath, look around, and see what you’re missing. Don’t let only the urgent tasks take over your life  – take stock in what’s most important and regain your focus. There is a distinct line between urgent and important. Don’t live in that space where ‘urgent’ takes over and you can’t see past it to the ‘important’ sitting right in front of you.

Happy Friday



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Scottie Payne Yay, you!!!

Ashley Goodwin I am a hugggeeee offender of this. I mean, huge. I try to remind myself to be in the present (yoga style) but I always brush it off, and it’s killing me! I too, have vowed to slow down and seek what’s most IMPORTANT. And to start going back to yoga. :).
Can not wait for that b-a-b-y!!!! Xo

Leolak That last line is great!!!! Kudos to you for noticing and taking action (the important kind)!

Tim King DUDE! Wow! Great post. It’s definintely easy to get caught up and even lose track of time, lose sight of what’s important, and get overwhelmed with things. Glad to hear you’re thinking about things ‘in the long run’ and concentrating on what’s important. We only get one shot at life, and I think that looking back on it all, you’ll be glad you’re making the right choices. Can’t wait for that baby man, so stoked for you!

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