On Being Superman

Sometimes you can’t do it all. Really. Trust me. I’ve tried. Something has to give and it always will. In my case it happened to be work. The day job to be specific. It’s been 6 weeks now since Wyatt was born and during that time, it’s been a whirlwind. The adjustment of life with a baby, sleep deprivation, visiting family, trying to stay healthy, trying to focus on photography, and a deadline at work that was utterly impossible under the best of circumstances. The perfect storm.

I always feel like I can do it all and make everyone happy at the same time. Unfortunately, this time, not only could I not pull it off, I wound up making everyone miserable in the process as well. No one was happy with my performance. My work suffered from lack of time there and utter exhaustion, my family suffered because I wasn’t around and was completely and utterly frustrated when I was around. NOT. GOOD. I kept promising – just let me get through this deadline and I can slow down. It’ll be fine. But it wasn’t. My work was suffering from lack of focus and my home life was suffering from lack of time. How could I be so selfish? Family first, right? My problem is that I tend to get hung up on what is ultimately URGENT, but may not be the most IMPORTANT thing at the moment. It’s whatever screams the loudest at the moment. Unfortunately for Wyatt and Natalie, they aren’t really screamers. I tried to make it all the most important. So, it all fell apart. The deadline from hell passed and I finished it, but it definitely wasn’t done to my standards. It felt patchwork at best and there were several major flaws that slipped through the cracks.

Hopefully I can look back at this, take stock and learn from it. Of course work is important, but family is more important. It’s not really that I don’t know that, but probably like a lot of people, I sometimes take it for granted. The urgency takes over and I wind up trying to be everything to everyone. My work quality suffers because I’m so frantic and home life suffers from frustration and exhaustion. Sometimes it’s just not possible to make it happen. And sometimes it’s really not worth it. I have to learn to make smarter choices and take a step back to look at things in perspective. At the end of the day, family’s all you’ve really got anyway.

I mean seriously, what’s more important than this?

Have a great weekend.


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