Learning from Yoga

So I went to yoga this week. It was the first time I had been in a long while. Life has just been far to hectic to try to make it to anything like that lately. I’m so glad I made the effort and went, though. It was exactly what I needed. Even if it was just an hour, it was a chance to clear my head in a way that running or any other form of exercise just doesn’t do. I needed a quiet room with just myself, my sweat, and my breath. Perfection. The 85 degree room hit the spot too since Denver had a second coming of winter this week.

As I was working on twisting my body into an awkward variation of the pose we were working on the instructor said something that hit home.  She asked if anyone was in pain or having problems and then said, “it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re doing it right.” It just reminded me of where I am right now with all that I’m doing in life. Yes, everything is new and frightening and I’m trying so many new things. And yes – it’s uncomfortable. But it’s supposed to be. You have to work through that discomfort to reach your goals. And guess what? Once you’ve gotten through that, you’ll have to set new goals to get uncomfortable with all over again. It’s called growth. It’s uncomfortable. But that just means you’re doing it right.

Have a great weekend. Happy Friday.


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LeolaK Nice…I like that. Very true. I’ve had a mix of uncomfortable and life obstacles coming at me, always seems to be something, but I know I’ll come out stronger and better in the end. I miss yoga! Hope you have a great weekend.

Ashley Goodwin So many things going through my mind here!
1: I love yoga. It changed my life…I need to go back. ASAP!
2. I got your text about being in yoga and hearing the Avett Brother’s song! I LOVE IT!! & what kind of yoga studio are you in playing that song?!? I need to be there! It’s a sign John, for sure! :)
3. I needed to read this. I am in an uncomfortable state myself, and you are right, it’s growth. Thanks so much for the reminder! :)


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