It’s Finally Ready…

The nursery has finally come together and now we’re “officially” ready. That’s all it takes, right? Nothing else required to be ready for a baby. Sure. But the room is ready and we even have two months to spare! How’d that happen? So this weekend, we were finally able to “unveil” the nursery to the family and show what we’ve been up to in there. It was SO much fun putting it together. Neither one of us wanted to do something totally traditional, so it was fun coming up with ideas and trying out something new. We came up with something that fits our style, but with some kid “flair” thrown in.  We’re all ready for the little one now….at least the decor is. I can’t say we’ll ever be truly ready mentally.

So the running joke in our family has been that since we don’t know the sex of the baby, we needed to find a name that we can call it so that it doesn’t have to be called “it.” My sister and I were talking one evening and came up with “Dwayne”. And since she thinks that it’s a girl, what better name than Dwayne Payne for a pretty little girl, right? Yeah, I know.:)Well, as things tend to go, that has spread. So, now EVERYONE is calling the baby Dwayne. Not sure that the poor kid has a chance at being called anything else. That poor, poor, child. If you can’t have a sense of humor about it, then why bother, though.

Anyway…now that the room is ready, we just need a Dwayne to fill it now. We can’t wait – no matter what we call her (or him).

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Phillip Reid Looks awesome. Love the coming soon sign. Love the optimism with the “I love my parents” sign. Let’s hope that comes true.

Erin Oveis Brant I am absolutely blown away! This is INCREDIBLE!!!! Woohoo, you’re having a BABY!! :)

Andie Reid Girl! Girl! Girl! And Phillip is kidding, of course. He knows she’ll love her mom and dad. Very nearly as much as she loves her Aunt Andie and Uncle P. :)

christy cropper a) gorgeous
b) dwayne payne. that is fantastic! love that you even have a poster of it. bwahaha.

Ashley Goodwin DWAYNE WAYNE PAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
best thing ever. Seriously. HAHAH. I adore the Dolce Vita poster and the COMING SOON poster! NURSERY WORKS crib & rocker?!?! You got style, my friend!! Can’t wait to meet IT! 😉

Ashley Goodwin HAHAHa. I just cant stop laughing. Dwayne Payne is EVERYWHERE! You know it’s going to be a Dwayne. How funny. hahahaha. Seriously.
and the black walls!

Tamara Watson Tres chic!

Birgit Knutsen Yeah, Andie!! Girl, Girl, Girl!!

LeolaK Wow…this is awesome!! You guys want to come and decorate my office…or house even?!?! LOL. Love the wall color too…I’m still choosing my gray. LOL Sooo exciting!!! Congratulations and Have a Merry Merry Christmas (w/ the best gift coming in 2 mos). =)

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