This week, I had had enough. I decided it was high time we took Norah to the groomer. Fact is, I was kind of embarrassed to take her out in public. She kind of looked like she was homeless – like she had been left out to fend for herself for weeks on end. Poor pup. Her very thick undercoat was coming out in clumps. I have no clue where it was all coming from, I just knew that it wouldn’t stop. This dog was made for the arctic. So I took her to our neighborhood groomer and got her cleaned up. As much as I hated to leave her there, I knew she’d be all better in a matter of hours. She quite literally had to be dragged into the shop and I could tell she was hating life. All is well now that she’s home – she’s happy, cooler, and about 15lbs lighter, and I can say that it was well worth the cash to not have to vacuum every other day anymore.

Doesn’t she just look thrilled to have a bow?

Have a great Thursday!


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Elisa I’m sooo glad I don’t have dogs that need grooming now! I’ve had many accidents in the past (which means, I get hurt some how), while I played groomer! Norah looks so cute now!

Ashley Goodwin BAHAH. I HATE when they put the bows on my dogs. And poor Izzie! They put bows on her EARS, she goes into siezures just trying to shake them off. My dogs are in desperate need of haircuts, too, it’s so humid here! I tried to give Leo one myself but he kept giving me that judgmental glare, I stopped midway through. Talk about NORA looking homeless….

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