Easter Sunday

Easter is one of my favorite holidays with my wife’s family. Since my family is all out of state, her family has adopted me as one of their own despite my evident non-Italian-ness. They’ve embraced me with all the love they give to their immediate family (of course, along with that comes all of the razz-ing they also give to each other!). My aunt “in-law” LOVES to have people over. I mean LOVES it. Every holiday always starts with mounds of food for whatever meal we’re having and ends with something to go home with – leftovers, parting gifts, and candy for each of us to take home. Today it was chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, traditional Italian Easter bread, chocolate covered Peeps, and enough Reece’s peanut butter eggs to make me want to roll myself into the gym for a good 4 hour workout (not really, but I feel like I should have).

The decor was a reminder that spring is finally here! It’s a good thing too so that I can get outside and jog off all this chocolate.


I mean seriously – we each go to take home our own herb garden?? She rocks!

I don’t want to even know how much time it took her to perfectly crack the eggs to get these Peeps inside each of them. 

But the best part is, they’re always laughing…

Happy (late) Easter!


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Scottie Payne And the napkins look like bunny ears!! I miss seeing ALL of you COians.

tim king WOW. Reese’s peanut butter eggs? I would have left with the whole basket.

Talk about attention to detail with those peeps in the eggs…cool stuff man!

Ashley Goodwin Can’t WAIT to meet my “other” family! Glad you guys had an awesome Easter! :) xoxo

LeolaK Wow talk about crafty! I’m loving the tree on the runners too.

Candice Benjamin Love all the laughter going on! (and chocolate covered peeps!)

Christina Looks like you guy’s had a fabulous time : )
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