Early Mornings and NPR

I am very much a creature of habit. To some extent I have to be since we have a dog. Norah and I go out every morning for our early morning walk to start our day. It kind of depends on what my schedule is for the day (am I teaching class or working out before I head into the office?) as to how early we go. Typically our morning walks are wrapped in darkness, although this time of year we’re starting to watch the sunrise by the time we get back. It’s my time of day to clear my mind and get ready for the day ahead. I’m kind of an NPR junkie, okay, fully and NPR junkie, so I always grab my iPhone, pop in some headphones and listen to any myriad of episodes of Fresh Air or This American Life that I’ve downloaded, or just listen to whatever is on NPR at the moment so I don’t have to listen to my own thoughts rattle around in my head. It’s so peaceful. Just me, my dog, and Ira Glass to keep me company in the darkness. One of my absolute favorite times of the day.

I recently ran across this interview with Ira Glass (the host of This American Life) talking about good taste and persistence in art. Basically, he says that most people that are enthusiastic about their endeavors because they have good taste surrounding that thing. However, it takes years and years of practice and hard work to get to a point where you’re putting out material that lives up to your own taste. It’s an interesting concept. You have to put your head down, work hard and keep moving. That hard work and persistence must become habitual. It’s only through this process that you’ll eventually get to where you want and need to be.

Here’s a couple shots of my trusty AM sidekick…

Have a great Thursday!



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SteveC Hi John, I saw you and the rest of the gang on CreativeLive with Jasmine. I think its awesome that you have put yourself out there and have your blog and website in full gear. You have made the step that I fear most and I congratulate you! Keep on Truckin and shot, shot, shot thats how we improve as photographers. I checked out the link of Gary V. and the guy is right on and he knows his shit! I never heard of the guy and cannot wait to read his book. Your shots of the engagement couple are FANTASTIC! Your dog Norah looks almost identical to my late dog Shadow that I grew up with for 13 years. NPR ROCKS! Have a good night! SteveC (Nebraska)

Tamara Watson John, you sound just like my husband–total NPR junkie. But that’s a good thing. I stumbled across that Ira Glass piece a couple months ago, and I swear, it brought me such relief.

Scottie Payne Your Dad just walked into my office, saw Norah’ photos and said, “There’s my dog. Tell them to send her here where she belongs,” and turned around and walked out:)

Ashley Goodwin NORAH! I love her one blue eye! I have to say that’s something we don’t have in common, NPR, but I won’t judge you for it…we all have our differences. 😉

LeolaK I’m loving the attitude of the first two shots…why you taking my picture…don’t take my picture I’m not ready….Okay take my picture. What a cutie! I haven’t been an avid NPR listener but a friend introduced me to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and we went to a taping of the show…hilarious!

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