Boy Scout Motto

This weekend is all about the Boy Scout Motto. I’m going to forget the fact that I never made it past the Cub Scouts for now. Natalie and I both have big weekends – HUGE. I’ve got my first big wedding gig and she has a giant test that she’s been studying for for months. At this point, I can say that we’ve both prepared as much as we possibly can for the big day. Now’s the time where the rubber meets the road. Her test is Saturday and my wedding is Sunday, so I’m sure that tonight I’ll be trying to calm her down and she’ll be doing the same for me on Saturday night. I’m not sure if it was incredibly smart or completely insane that we have them on the same weekend. Time will tell.

It’s an interesting thing when you’ve worked so hard for one day . It comes and goes just like any other day, but it means so much more. We both have a lot riding on it, but I have no doubt that the preparation that we’ve put into it will pay off tenfold.  For me, it also helps that I’ll have another one of the amazing J*Jets by my side taking photos on Sunday. Candice Benjamin will be my zen for the day. I’m going to send Nat off tomorrow with a good breakfast in her stomach, a snack and a set of sharpened #2 pencils for her test just like our days in school…except that it’s done on a computer now.

For now, there’s nothing to do but wait for the day to come and hold on tight. Hopefully, I can breathe and enjoy the ride. Hopefully Natalie can channel the energy she needs and pour her knowledge onto the page. It’s going to be one hell of a weekend. Can’t wait. Cross your fingers and send some good thoughts our way. We’ll need them!

Happy Friday and a happy holiday weekend!


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Tamara Watson Best of luck to both of you!!!

LeolaK Good luck to Natalie on her test! Good luck to you on first wedding (I think it’s the first right?) Nerves are good. Keeps you on your toes and your creativity/photographer juices on high alert and tiptop form. (wait is that all the same as keeps you on your toes?) lol I’m sure you’ll do great!

Kimmie Schrupp Good Luck to you both! I know you guys will do awesome!!

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