Back to CO.

Whew. After a much needed break we’re headed back to Denver today and I’ve gotta say that I’m completely fired up to get moving again on business. I’ve got a few photography gigs lined up for the month of June and into July and I’m ready to tackle them with as much gusto as I can muster.

While I was here, I got to spend a little time talking to a friend of mine, Ted, that owns a local bike shop in town, Gearhead Outfitters. It’s always inspiring to spend a little time with him to see what he’s up to. There’s always something cooking with him. He’s built a very successful business from the ground up and what’s more inspiring is that he’s created a culture in town. He took a town that had *mostly* never had any experience with the cycling industry and introduced them to it and really created a gearhead subculture here in town. Every week they do a ride out of the shop that consists of 40-50 people. It’s amazing to see so many people into a sport that I would say is largely unrecognized in the South. What’s great is that he has just taken it upon himself to create the culture that he wants surrounding him. He said to me, “if you aren’t doing what you love, then what’s the point?”

I guess that’s just how you do it here, though. My parents have built the same sort of thing: a successful business out of nothing and they’ve worked extremely hard to make it exactly what they want. It’s a business that they’re willing to put all their time and efforts into. If you’re not ready to put all your energy into it, then what’s it all for? That’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Put my efforts tenfold into my passion and make sure it gets to where I want it. I think it’s the small town mentality that I’ve been missing for a while. I hope that I’ve found it and that I can make that attitude stick. I sometimes get lost in the whole, “the world around me is too big and daunting and I don’t know if someone like me can make a difference.” That’s a crappy attitude to have. You have to be willing to lay it on the line and know that there’s room for everyone in the world. If you’re passionate about something, that will shine through. Period.

Here’s a shot I took this weekend. Proud to call a small town in Arkansas where I came from. Photo courtesy┬ámy lovely wife, Natalie.

Happy Monday.


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LeolaK Great advice! Nice pic..I’m dying over that gray wall color…I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gray for my home office…might as well enjoy the enivronment you’re in too. =)

Scottie Payne And we are proud to be the parents! Loved having you here this weekend. Miss you both already.

Scottie Payne PS Will see if I can find the paint color tonight and send it.

Scottie Payne It’s Benjamin Moore Almost Black 2130-30

LeolaK How awesome…thanks Scottie!!

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