And it begins

So begins the great ready-ing process for the baby. Yesterday we started construction on our basement remodel. Since Junior is about to completely take over what is now my office (bye-bye 9 ft ceilings), I needed a space that I can call my own even if it is going to be carved out of two closets and in the basement. We had a ton of extra space in our spare bedroom in the basement, so it gets shortened and violá – new office in-between. Would have been a pretty easy project, except that hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we redo the bathroom downstairs since it’s in bad need of repair? *sigh* Being in architecture has it’s advantages. I was able to create exactly the space that I want for an office and basement (within budget of course) and it’s so fun to come home, see the progress and know what’s in store next.

All in all, I’m really excited about the project and this makes pregnancy “real” for me as a guy, since now I’m seeing some physical progress in working toward the baby. Up until this point it has been a lot of doctor visits, poor Nat feeling terrible, and me frantically trying to figure out what I can do to help out without being in the way. Now that I actually have a project, I can start working diligently toward making the baby’s room ready for that day in February that is fast approaching. THIS is going to be fun.

Happy Wednesday!


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Phillip Reid Best Delusion Of The Week: That you can get ready for a baby with power tools. That rocks. Go on.

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