A weekend away

That will do you some good, man. A weekend away. Nice. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get a photography gig up in Aspen photographing a band at a destination concert (more on that later this week), but Nat and I also used it as an opportunity to get away and spend the weekend away from the drywall dust and construction mess at our house. What better place to spend it than Aspen? It had me momentarily forgetting anything about the warmer temperatures of Denver, the stress of a deconstructed house, and any day job at all, really. Aspen has a way of doing that to you. It’s like a little piece of mountain heaven. Of course Saturday, I was in photo work mode most of the day, but Sunday we took some time to recharge with a little hike up to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs.

It’s one of the more gorgeous hikes that I’ve ever taken in Colorado. Although, I can only imagine what it would be like when the leaves are changing. It was just what we both needed. A little time away from everything to get away from our thoughts and just be. The secnery was amazing and I can’t believe we’ve been in Denver forever and have never made our way up to this hike before. It was simply amazing. Here are a couple of shots from the weekend. I’ll tell you about the shoot on Saturday a little later…

One of Junior’s first hikes – and proof that I was there.:)


Have a great Monday!



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Candice Benjamin I’m so glad to hear you two got away!!! Much love and I miss you two!

LeolaK Looks gorgeous! Glad you had a nice get away!

kari Extremely beautiful!!!!

tim king ahhhh you guys made it up there! looks amazing, glad you got some hiking in. see you in 2 weeks!

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