Monthly Archives: April 2011

Saturday Session – Cody & Julie

Cody and Julie – it was an absolute pleasure spending a Saturday afternoon with you. You’re made to be together. I tried to get you not to smile – to give me some other looks – but no can do. You guys are all smiles, all the time – I love to see that. Cody, […]

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I have enough notes from the weekend to pore over for a month and a half. I’m sure I’m going to go back to the rewatch of the J* creative live course and watch it again and again (making sure to fast forward through the parts where I appear – man, I hate the sound of my […]

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Seattle Photo Walk


What do seven photographers do with their last day in Seattle? Photo walk, of course! I think we all got our fair share of having the camera turned around on us for the day, but here are a few shots of everything else we saw as we wandered the streets of Seattle. It’s such a […]

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Spinning and Opening Up

This morning was an amazing Spinning class – for those of you that don’t know, I also teach Spinning at an awesome club here in Denver. When the economy took a turn for the worse and I had my hours severely cut back (along with my paycheck),  I went out and found a job in […]

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Learning to Let Go

I was given a very rare opportunity. It’s one that, safe to say, a LOT of people wanted judging from the number of videos submitted to be on Creative Live with Jasmine Star. I relished every second I had learning from her and JD, and soaked up every moment with my new-found photography family. Now […]

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